The area of focus with the most potential for rapid advancement is with sports, the business of sports, and the community and cultural benefits both Americans and Australians appreciate and love.  Passion for sports, superior athletes, professional coaching, advanced organizational structures, and investments made in sports will only continue to increase.   The opportunities around every aspect of sports are limitless for each country to benefit.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Coaching Study Tours – Connecting fellow professional coaches is an invaluable resource.  We connect professional coaches in Australia with those in the United States so that both may get a fresh set of ideas in a position only they as fellow coaches can understand.
  • Pro Athlete Experiences – Ensuring time is maximized while abroad in either country to learn from other professional athletes but still enjoy the unique tourism opportunities and sports of the country.
  • Business of Sports – Connecting the business side of the sports world to establish mutually beneficial relationships between sport codes, TV, and sponsors.
  • Creating Fan Experiences –  Helping fans increase their knowledge and appreciation of our respective sports, providing new opportunities to see the games on TV and ultimately in person.
  • Sports Matter – The positive lessons learned through sports such as teamwork, competition, and camaraderie; Plus the cultural benefits sports can uniquely advance.
  • Highlighting Sports Stories – Keeping the world updated on the unique sports stories between Australia and America.