With so many similarities in our governmental, political, and economic structures there are unlimited areas where we can help each other.

Both countries share a firm bond of friendship. We’ve being strong allies since World War I, and we have helped each other when in need such as Australians sending firefighters to help the U.S. fight wildfires and help each other recover from natural disasters.

Australia and the United States also share many similar policies and have a strong relationship. The United States and Australia also both have a deep care for their soldiers with monuments, mementos, and memorials. There is an even stronger bond between the military branch that was formed between these two during World War II when the United States 1st Marine Division was stationed in Australia and decided to take on “Waltzing Maltida” as its marching song.

Internationally significant policy areas of focus:

  • Transportation
    • Road
    • Rail
    • Water
  • Economic Development
  • Job Creation
  • Health
    • Preventative Medicine
    • Organic Foods – the U.S. is Australia’s largest organic food export.
    • Natural Supplements
  • Healthcare
  • Urban Planning
  • Energy
  • National Security

There are many levels and connections to be made on important public policy and it is our goal to help public servants make the best decisions with the most information at their disposal.