Between two distinct cultures, yet with so much in common, the opportunities for Americans and Australians to gain on cultural fronts are significant and endless. Both nations draw from the cultures of natives who walked the lands before most of us arrived to all of the different immigrant cultures that soon followed upon the discovery of these vast and promising lands. This unique combination gives both countries an incredible amount of variety in food, music, dance, art, and even sport.

From positive and fun cultural exchanges to serious issues of the day and in our past we can ensure we learn those lessons for the brightest future possible.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Bridging Native Culture – We want to make connections between Indigenous and Aboriginal issues in Australia along with Native American and African American issues in the United States.
  • Supporting Those Who Serve – From military veterans to first responders and their families, Americans and Australians respect and appreciate their service.  For example, Gold Star Family Support: there are families in both countries that have experienced the same loss and we want to make a connection between these families to help the healing process.
  • Highlighting Cultural Crossovers –  Music, movies, art, architecture, and many other cross cultural benefits and interests exist between the two countries.