AUSA Connect

Tremendous, exciting, and unique opportunities exist between Australia and the United States in areas that are important to both of our cultures. As the world gets even smaller with advancements in technology, communications, and travel, friends who happen to be on opposite sides of the globe are now realizing more opportunities that did not exist just a few short years ago.

AUSA-Connect’s mission is for Australia and America to learn from and help each other. 

From serious issues of the day and learning from our past to looking forward, we are targeting opportunities in sports, policy, culture, promotion & tourism, education and business.

Australians and Americans love to travel but they don’t visit each country as often as they could or when they do there is so much that is missed. AUSA-Connect believes making these connections will not only increase the dialogue and idea exchanges, but also the travel between our countries as new friendships and business relationships are established.